Science of Creative Intelligence 2024



33 recorded lectures of approximately 2 hours, each with

  • Introduction (English)
  • Lecture by Maharishi (Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Hungarian — translations can be activated as needed)
  • Main points (English)
  • Students’ questions (English)
  • Teacher’s summary (English)
  • Teacher’s questions (English)
  • Illustrations (teaching examples) (English)

Course participants will study Maharishi’s Lessons online according to their own schedule, 2 lessons of 2 hours per week.

Every 2 weeks (Sunday 4-5 pm Amsterdam/MERU time) there will be a 1 hour live online meeting to discuss and answer questions. These meetings will be on 17 Mar / 31 Mar/ 14 Apr / 28 Apr / 12 May / 26 May / 9 Jun / 23 Jun / 7 Jul 2024.

The main theme of SCI is that there exists a source from which Creative Intelligence springs and a goal toward which it progresses as the process of evolution unfolds. This source and this goal are identical and can be identified as the innermost area of one’s own life, as the source of the thinking process: the self-referral consciousness of everyone, the field of pure Creative Intelligence.’ —Maharishi

The SCI course is required for those who want to take part in the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course.

A WhatsApp group has been set up to quickly answer technical questions that participants may have. On your phone, please click here to join the Pre-Course Q&A group.